Beth Ditto | Wonderland Magazine Online

Wonderland chats body positivity and the importance of inclusivity in fashion with activist Beth Ditto. Body positivity activist and inclusivity icon Beth Ditto has been at the forefront of promoting self-acceptance and feminism since the dawn of girl power. The former lead singer of Gossip, Ditto, who grew up surrounded by Riot Grrls and… Continue reading Beth Ditto | Wonderland Magazine Online


Let’s Eat Grandma | Wonderland Magazine

An interview with duo Let's Eat Grandma for Wonderland Magazine Meet spellbound witch-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma, who recorded their debut LP in a nuclear bunker in rural Norwich. AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES in your late teens normally include chasing after boys and not doing your homework, but for 17-year-olds Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth — AKA… Continue reading Let’s Eat Grandma | Wonderland Magazine

Will Tudor | Wonderland Magazine

An interview with Game Of Thrones and Humans actor Will Tudor for Wonderland Magazine. THE STAGE-TO-SCREEN STAR CONFRONTING LIFE’S BIG QUESTIONS.   I’M FIVE MINUTES into my conference call with actor Will Tudor, when suddenly, whilst I’m in the middle of asking him about his first TV-set experience in the BBC’s Great Expectations, the line… Continue reading Will Tudor | Wonderland Magazine

MAVRICK | Wonderland Magazine

Interview for Swedish musician MAVRICK for Wonderland Magazine MUTATING POP TO MAKE HIS OWN HYBRID, MAVRICK IS THE ACCIDENTAL MUSICIAN TO KNOW.   AT FIRST, I wasn’t entirely sure what “Frankenstein pop” was. Referred to as an experimental, divergent fusion of Swedish pop and avant-garde influences, Mavrick (who is as mysterious as his name suggests),… Continue reading MAVRICK | Wonderland Magazine