The Amazons | Wonderland Magazine Online

An interview with The Amazons for Wonderland online. After a Summer full of festival appearances and time in the studio adding the finishing touches to their debut album, an Autumn spent doing the rounds on both headline and supporting tours around the country alongside a legion of dedicated fans, it’s not too surprising that The Amazons […]

Beth Ditto | Wonderland Magazine Online

Wonderland chats body positivity and the importance of inclusivity in fashion with activist Beth Ditto. Body positivity activist and inclusivity icon Beth Ditto has been at the forefront of promoting self-acceptance and feminism since the dawn of girl power. The former lead singer of Gossip, Ditto, who grew up surrounded by Riot Grrls and […]

Lina | Wonderland Magazine

An interview with Lina for Wonderland Magazine. THE REALITY COMPETITION WINNER SOUNDTRACKING HER OWN STORY. Often slung to the back of the heap once they’ve been through the reality show rigmarole and released one underwhelming single, talent show competitors are 10 a penny. Don’t fall for the One Direction dream — successful winners are anomalies. […]

Nic Fanciulli | Wonderland Magazine

An interview with Grammy-nominee and DJ Nic Fanciulli for Wonderland Magazine. Nic Fanciulli’s earth rattling, genre-hopping techno knees up The Social Festival returns this September. LIKE MANY of his peers, Grammy-nominated producer and DJ Nic Fanciulli’s music career began in a record shop. “I had a good apprenticeship, I was working there and listening to […]

Banoffee | Wonderland Magazine

An interview with Aussie musician Banoffee for Wonderland Magazine. THE FIERCELY INDEPENDENT PERFORMER WHO’S MELBOURNE’S SWEETEST EXPORT. “SORRY! I SPILT porridge down me at breakfast!”The saccharinely-named Banoffee has arrived, bursting through the door with E-number energy and a happy-go-lucky demeanour. Melbourne-based Martha Brown, aka Banoffee, is the Australian mastermindcreating new wave electro-pop with smooth synths […]