MAVRICK | Wonderland Magazine

Interview for Swedish musician MAVRICK for Wonderland Magazine




AT FIRST, I wasn’t entirely sure what “Frankenstein pop” was. Referred to as an experimental, divergent fusion of Swedish pop and avant-garde influences, Mavrick (who is as mysterious as his name suggests), creates music that exists in its own universe — a perpetual, fascinating time warp. His name was chosen to provide a guise: “First of all, my name is boring. Who would listen to Marcus? I hide behind that mask and I don’t have to be 100% myself when I’m telling my stories. It’s so I can take myself to the next level, evolving. I’m just telling my stories as Mavrick and that’s a much better way to tell them. It’s necessary for me to have.” But with a talent like Mavrick’s, he’s got nothing to hide.

Mavrick’s nature matches his name. The Swedish native, whose childhood was spent battling against the wind and rain of the coast (“it was kind of grey and melancholic but it’s just by the ocean so it’s very beautiful”) was transforming the influence of the country’s dull dark winters and raging seas into a beautifully melancholic sound that is as haunting as it is catchy. Moving into music after an ill-fated sprint down a hill at a festival where he damaged his knee, leaving him unable to play football, Mavrick is the king of his own experimental, divergent fusion of Swedish pop and off-kilter influences, creating his self- defined brand of Frankenstein pop.

I ask him about why he chose to make the leap into music and writing his debut EP “Atlantis” (which he started on a long, winding road trip through Iceland), which was met with a chuckle and a sip of beer. “I found a world where there were no boundaries, no, ‘You can’t do that!’ I just try to mix all my influences into some kind of crazy pop. I used to say the music I make now is like Frankenstein pop because I’m just taking things and building a monster. A pop core, but then I just throw stuff at it, creating something different.”

Mavrick’s influences are as varied and radical as his own sound, “I love pop music but I have so many other influences, from gospel, to hip hop, Rage Against The Machine and stuff like that.” Mixing hardcore rock with Swedish pop? Only Mavrick. “I love to take other influences into the pop music. Prince, Prince is my hero above all, Radiohead and Massive Attack, a lot of British bands and artists. They have a much bigger sound and a whole different world. When I heard those things I started to think differently and I wanted to explore.” It seems like there’s nothing that he can’t use for inspiration. Mavrick is a storm brewing.


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