Hare Squead | Wonderland Magazine

An interview with Irish rappers Hare Squead for Wonderland Magazine.


THE MAGICAL THING about Dublin is its size. Big enough to have its own thriving music scene, but small (and far away) enough to keep London’s big, bad A&R reps on the other side of the sea, artists have a chance to flourish before they’re propelled into the limelight. They can land in the English capital fully formed and armed with an identity. The latest to make the crossing is rapper trio Hare Squead. Made up of Jessy Rose, Tony Konstone and E-Knock, the boys have the antidote to today’s homogenised rap and hip hop that’s been diluted ready for contemporary airwaves.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have their finger on the pulse, though. These guys are so hashtag 2016, their DJ is filming our interview and putting it on their Instagram story. Before we’ve even kicked off, there’s drama. “My muffin has glass in it. I almost died, guys!” Vocalist Konstone suddenly announces, but he doesn’t let the fact that he nearly swallowed a shard slow him from talking about their debut show in London: “It was WILD!” Judging from how upbeat and ready for action Hare Squead are, it’s not surprising that anything they put their name to turns into a party.

Hare Squead are so in sync, matching everything from their movements to how quickly they dive into answering my questions, it’s hard to believe they’ve only know each other since 2013. “I was always that really weird, alternative dude, that was into Odd Future and skating and I was black,” Rose explains. “There’s none of that in Dublin. Then I bumped into two dudes who were just like me.” Their natural kinship was just as simple as that.

Their writing process is just as organic, their sound is a completely spontaneous expression of everything they love. E-Knock produces and plays drums, guitar and bass, while Konstone and Rose flow and rap and work on rhymes. “Music is a feeling,” Konstone says. “You can’t feel like rap every single day, or pop every single day. It’s not like you’re happy every day, it’s whatever you’re feeling.”

“We like to mix it up a lot. We listen to everything from soul to garage to African tribal music,” Rose pitches in. “We don’t like to stick to one thing. We’re still at the beginning of this journey and there’s a lot of different sounds coming out.”With influences ranging from Outkast, Kanye West and Lil Wayne to Pharrell, Green Day and Travis Scott, it’s easy to understand how Hare Squead’s eclectic sound came to be.

Their debut EP “Supernormal” is a showcase of Hare Squead’s fluidity. “We have a lot more music, but these are three tracks that represent how versatile we are,” says Rose. From the lyrically deep “Long Way To Go” (“Yeah, I flowed hard on that,” E-Knock interjects), followed by “Herside Story” and “Loco”, “Supernormal” shows you Hare Squead from every angle.


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