City Exploring & Fremantle

On Thursday it was due to thunderstorm, so Julia (who I’ve been sharing a room with) and I decided to visit some museums. We first went to the Museum of Perth before going to PICA (the contemporary art museum) and the Western Australia Museum of Art. As I decided not to head to the beach – because of the impending thunderstorm – the universe decided to play a joke on me and suddenly become the sunniest, warmest day yet. It was too late to go all the way to the beach, so we went back to the hostel and played cards for a bit before heading down to Elizabeth Quay for sunset. While we were walking around we somehow scored ourselves a free trip on a 20-minute cruise around the Swan River which was great.

Today I headed down to Fremantle, which is about half an hour away from Perth by train and on the coast. I felt like it was almost the WA version of Brighton, just a bit smaller. There were loads of cute little shops (I got myself a bracelet and a wave ring) and a teeny tiny beach. I looked round the WA Shipwrecks Museum and explores the town a bit before going down to the Esplanade and read my book – Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng – for a while, trying to even out my t-shirt tan from Wednesday. Then it was back to the city as the rain clouds were creeping in and I’ve got mum waiting for a FaceTime – cioa!


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