My Western Australia & Northern Territory Trip Plans

Long time, no speak. Well, no write, really. I haven’t been up to too much over the past few weeks and months. I’ve mainly been working away in the absolutely tiny back office at Gucci answering phone calls from people who think $5000 bags and $700 belts are the ultimate meaning to life. I can tell you they are definitely not, but my experience at this job is probably best saved for another post, as we’ll be here for a while.

Apart from working, I’ve mainly been planning all sorts of things, mainly what I’ll be doing when I’m travelling later on in the year!

Here’s a brief look into what I’ll be getting up to this October…

1-6 OCTOBER: Perth, WA

On Monday 1st October I’ll be flying from Sydney all the way to Perth!

Perth, Western Australia

One of the main things I want to do is visit Rottnest Island and meet the quokkas, but apart from that I’ll mainly just be exploring the city and enjoying being somewhere brand new. Give me a shout for any suggestions on what I can do there!

6-27 OCTOBER: Perth to Darwin trip with Adventure Tours

As Western Australia is a pretty deserted place except for in the main towns, there wasn’t really an option except to book a tour. You all know I’m a fan of a guided tour, especially when there’s not really an established route to follow and lots of populated places along the way, like on the east coast. For this trip, I decided to go with a company and route that I saw way back when, even before I actually came out to Australia. The trip I’ll be doing is the Adventure Tours Perth to Darwin Overland, and it’s a pretty meaty trip filled with all kinds of things, from dolphin watching just outside Shark Bay to beach days in Broome and swag camping in the deserted wild lands of the Northern Territory.

It’s a three week trip that stretches from Perth way down in the south of Western Australia all the way up to Darwin at the tip of the Northern Territory. We’ll be getting a mix of beaches, forests, deserts and lakes, so it’s going to be incredibly interesting scenery-wise.

Here’s the basic breakdown and a little picture so you can see the route I’ll be travelling:

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 19.14.54

So we start off in Perth, and head out early on the 6th October to make our way to our first stop and first national park (I’ll shorten this to NP for the rest of this post) of the trip – Kalbarri.

Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

From there it’s a few nights at Shark Bay, Coral Bay, Yardi Creek and Exmouth/Cape Range NP before we hit our next major stop at Karijini NP! We’ll be camping here for three nights, where we’ll be exploring all the gorges that make up this park.

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Next up, it’s the Pilbra Region and then the little town of Broome, where my best friend from home, Hollie, is currently living! We haven’t been able to spend any time together since we both came out here at the beginning of the year, so I’m hoping to spend the four nights here with hanging with her, exploring the town and getting some much needed sunbathing in.

Broome, Western Australia

After our stop off in civilisation, it’s back to the wild as we drive over to Windjana Gorge, where we’ll be exploring some of the most famous gorges and rock formations in Aus, including Bell Gorge and Tunnel Creek, before cruising down the Gibb River Road. Then it’s on to El Questro station for our last taste of semi-civilisation until we get to Darwin.

Next stop is another NP; this time it’s Purnululu, most famous for the Bungle Bungles! This is one of the places I’m most excited about visiting, as I don’t think there’s anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.

Bungle Bungles at Purnululu NP, Western Australia

Lake Argyle is next, where we’ll be exploring the lake (obviously), and the Hidden Valley, Our final stop is the Katherine Region for one last night of camping. By this time I will have been camping almost solidly for three weeks, covered head to toe in dirt and dust and in desperate need of a bath, but nevertheless this region is something I’m really excited for. The final day is where we get dropped off in Darwin and are set free into the world once again.

Pretty exciting, huh?

I’m only allowed to take a max of 10kg of luggage with me as the van we’ll be travelling in will be almost filled with camping equipment and stuff, to, like, keep us alive. It’ll be pretty interesting figuring out what will actually be important enough to take with me, especially as I’m jetting off to New Zealand straight from Darwin, so there’s no time to go and grab the rest of my stuff. On the plus side, this will mean I can actually carry my bag without worrying about breaking my back, and it’ll allow me to live with only what I truly need, rather than the “emergency” items that I always bring.

27-29 OCTOBER: Darwin, NT

Because of my time frame with getting to New Zealand and back to Sydney before I fly home for Christmas, I’ve only got two nights in Darwin. Seeing as I will have already done the surrounding area, I’m OK with cramming everything in to one day. On the 29th I’ll be flying off to Melbourne and then straight onto Auckland, New Zealand – I’ll be posting my NZ itinerary soon to keep you all updated on that too!

Darwin, Northern Territory

Obviously this is just a very brief overview of what I’ll be getting up to – I can assure you my diary posts will be up and running again once I’ve arrived in Perth. Only 11 weeks to go now but I already want to start packing!

Disclaimer: none of the images in this post belong to me.


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