Down Under ’18: Magnetic Island & Cairns

Long time, no speak! I’ve been so incredibly busy this week, as I got back from the Whitsundays on Monday, drove/got the ferry to Magnetic Island on Tuesday, came back to the mainland on Thursday then headed off to Cairns, then flew from Cairns to Alice Springs this morning. It’s all quite the whirlwind. Here’s a brief run-down day by day of what I got up to:

TUESDAY – Waking up early, I caught the Greyhound from Airlie Beach to Townsville. I’ve really started to hate the Greyhound; at the beginning there was always plenty of room and I always had the seat next to me free, but by the time I got to Rainbow Beach every single coach has been full to the brim, and that’s not what I really want when I’m stuck in that seat for anywhere between 5 and 14 hours. Most of Tuesday was really spent waiting around to get to places, as after the coach I had to wait an hour to get the ferry to Magnetic Island from the SeaLink terminal. The island itself is beautiful though, and it’s made even better by the 800-900 wild koalas living on the island. By the time I got to the island it was evening time, so I met up with Meg and Julia (who I met in Noosa) for dinner then had an early night listening to the crazy thunderstorm outside.

WEDNESDAY – I started off Wednesday morning by visiting the koala sanctuary! It was a 2 hour guided tour and they have all sorts of animals there. I met Jimmy the python, George the wombat and then met the koala that I got to cuddle, Claudia!

After cuddling Claudia (who I never wanted to put down) I went to meet Alyce, Felicia and Lauren who had gone to pick up our hire car! It was one of those old topless jeeps that definitely wouldn’t pass an MOT, but we still had a great time cruising around the island, visiting Radical Bay, Arthur Bay, Florence Bay, Horseshoe Bay and Arcadia before going to see the rock wallabies at Alma Bay. Then it was time to drop off the car, so I had another early night as the storm came back in again.

THURSDAY – Another travel day! Todays main activity was the 5 hour bus ride from Townsville to Cairns (my last greyhound!) which meant that by the time I made it to Cairns it was nearly 9pm. Funnily enough though, I bumped into Danielle in the lobby of Gilligans! She was the first friend I made in Australia and it was so awesome to see her again. We hung out that night and watched a film with her friends and she invited me to come with them on their trip to Crystal Cascades the next day.

FRIDAY – Crystal Cascades day! We got up bright and early and sent the boys off to get the car in the pouring rain. They came back with an enormous mini van so we all piled in and set off for the waterfalls. The waterfall was gorgeous but it was raining so heavily that I didn’t dare bring my phone out to take any pictures.

We swam around for a bit before heading off to Josephine Falls, where there was a cool stone slide which we could go down. Then it was back into the city to get ready for our night out. It was some bizarre toga paint party so Danielle made me a toga dress out of a sheet. Safe to say we all looked great…

SATURDAY – a chill day really, I spent a while exploring the city before organising my bag. That night I went out with the boys who Danielle introduced me to on Friday, and then when we decided we didn’t want to stay out, we went to the TV room and they decided to teach me about football while watching Liverpool v West Ham. Still have no idea what was going on.

SUNDAY – today I flew from Cairns to Alice Springs, and WOW is it hot here. I’m not doing much today except for applying for jobs with the little WiFi I’ve got… wish me luck!


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