Down Under ’18: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Where is the time going? I cant believe it’s already February! I’m about a 1/12th if the way through my Aussie adventure now. On Wednesday we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which was absolutely awesome. It was about 35/36 degrees the whole afternoon, but all the kangaroos and koalas were still out.

We started off by looking at all the tropical birds and the platypuses before heading over to the main koala area. Even though the koala cuddle pictures were over for the day we still got to have a picture with one, just patting it though. They smell really weird, but they’re so cute and fluffy and soft!

One of the highlights was the kangaroo area, where they about 100 grey and red kangaroos just hopping around a massive pen. We got to cuddle, stroke and feed the kangaroos. They’re really soft too, and they don’t smell anywhere near as bad!

The final bit of excitement for the day was the rainbow lorikeets feeding. For the first few minutes there weren’t any, but soon there were so many flying all around our heads! After this it was time to go back before we got heat exhaustion. For dinner we got a Dominoes and ate it whilst watching Married At First Site. Yep, it’s literally what it sounds like…

My time in Brisbane was awesome, and Chris and Sue were so lovely and kind! I can’t wait to come back and visit.


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