Down Under ’18: Last Days In Sydney (For Now)

The past few days have been a complete blur; I feel like I’ve done next to nothing, but times gone so quick! There’s so much to update you all on, and so much to write about but there just isn’t the time! Here’s a brief run-down of the past few days:


Coogee to Bondi Walk: this is the famous walk that so many people do to get to Bondi. It starts at Coogee beach (which is definitely one of my favourite beaches in Sydney) and winds it way through Gordon’s Bay, Bronte Beach, Tamarama Beach and over to finish at the Bondi cliffs. It’s a really beautiful walk, and it actually pretty easy. After we’d done the walk, we went for a dip in the Bondi Icebergs pool, which is just as beautiful as it looks on Instagram. It was freezing cold though, so it was really just a quick dip to cool off and then a nice sunbathe.

Coogee BeachGordon’s BayBronte Beach

Bondi Icebergs


We didn’t really get up to that much on Friday – we were mainly just moving back into the CBD from Bondi and checking back into Base on Kent Street. We spent all night binge-watching Riverdale.


On Saturday we did our free hop-on hop-off boat ride round the harbour. We started off by travelling from Darling Harbour to Watsons Bay. Then it was over to Manly (one of our favourite places) for a quick walk around and then back into the harbour. For our last night together, Emily and I went down to Newtown, which is probably one of my new favourite areas. It’s basically like the Sydney version of Dalston, and it has loads of cool bars and restaurants. We had dinner at Moo Gourmet Burgers (I had the vegan sweet pea burger), and after we finished we went off to find my friend Matt. We wandered around a bit to find the pub he was at, and that was when Emily realised she forgot her ID… we tried to convince the bouncer to let her in with a picture of her passport, but he was having none of it. It turns out Matt had left the pub anyway, so we went to Camperdown Memorial Park and met up with him and his friends.

Sydney Opera House

Watsons Bay


For Sunday’s adventure we went down to Shark Beach and Rose Bay; it was super hot so we spent the morning sunbathing and then had lunch before exploring the harbour on the ferry and going round to Pyrmont. In the evening Emily and I parted ways. I’ve had such a good time with her it was sad to leave, but I’m sure I’ll see her when I’m back in Sydney! I went off to meet the group that I’ll be travelling with for the next week for G Adventures – they all seem really nice so far! We did the introductions and then went to have dinner at the pub next door to the hostel.


Funnily enough, the first day of our tour was a free day in Sydney! Me and few others went off to Manly for the morning and did a bit of sunbathing. Of course I got sunburnt again… after lunch at Hotel Steyne we went back in the city and I went back to the hostel to relax for a bit and sort my stuff out. Tonight – it’s off to Darling Harbour for dinner!

Manly Beach

I’m sad my time in Sydney (for now) has come to an end – I really like the city and love all the different areas and things it has to offer. I’m super excited to come back here in March, but now it’s off on the road!


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