Down Under ’18: Old Friends

This week has been pretty relaxed so far, which is why I haven’t really updated you all on what’s been going on. On Monday, I woke up just before midday (don’t judge, I’m still blaming jet lag) and we spent the afternoon in Centennial Park, relaxing in the sun and I even gave Emily a yoga lesson.

Emily at Centennial Park

That evening, we started binge-watching Riverdale, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

On Tuesday we headed back into the city to pick up our bank cards (I’m a proper adult now!!) before heading over to Two Sis in Pyrmont for some lunch. That afternoon we visited the Sydney Maritime museum in Darling Harbour, and then went back to Centennial Park for the Moonlight Cinema! Even though it was freezing cold and the wind almost hurt, The Breakfast Club was a great as ever.

Today was one of the best days so far, as I met up with an old friend from school who I haven’t seen for about four years! I went over to Petersham in the Inner West and met up with Phillipa. We drove about an hour out of the city in her van to Bobbin Head Park, which was so beautiful I couldn’t believe it. We spent all day chatting and laughing and reminiscing about old times, before going back into the city where she gave me a tour of Annandale.


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