Down Under ’18: In Desperate Need Of Aloe Vera

The best way to sum up the past few days would probably be ‘very very sunburnt’.

Friday started off a bit cold and grey, so we took a trip down to Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens for our last day with Danielle. The sun soon came out and we did yoga and had lunch in the gardens, without realising quite how hot it was… by the time we left to go back to the hostel I was about the colour of a tomato and as burnt as an over-done creme brûlée. Not a good look.

Emily, Danielle & Me!

We spent our last evening in the CBD having a drink down in the hostel bar, The Scary Canary, with Constanze, Alice and Emilia who were sharing a room with Emily and Danielle. But it was soon time to fly the nest, so we got in the Uber and headed on over to Bondi!

Saturday’s weather wasn’t the greatest, so it was almost a full day of playing cards in the park by the seafront. It did get warmer slowly throughout the day until it was scorching, despite the thunderstorm getting ready to roll in. That evening we went out with Emily’s friend Juri (and funnily enough, our new roommate) to Beach Road Hotel Bar.

We’ve been waiting for a thunderstorm all week, and on Saturday night it finally made its appearance. At about 4am I woke up to rain on my face (my bed is the top bunk right next to the window) and as confused as I was, sat up to have a look. It was torrentially pouring with rain and the trees were shaking so violently it looked like they might just snap in half. By the morning though it was bright and sunny, albeit very, very windy. We tried to do a little sunbathing at first (because what else would you do on a Sunday morning at Bondi Beach?!) but it was like lying in a hurricane, so we gave that up and headed off to Bondi Junction to have a look at the shops and have some lunch.

Bondi Beach

Emily weathering the wind

Our new hostel in Bondi is nowhere near as nice as the one we were in last week in the CBD, but the beach itself it amazing, I just wish it could be hot and sunny and not windy for one day!


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