Down Under ’18: Like Mum In Manly

On the hottest day so far, Emily, Danielle and I decided to take ourselves down to The Rocks to get the ferry over to Manly. It was a scorching 38 degrees today, and I definitely have the sun burn to show for it. Manly is where mum used to live, so I was really excited to go and see it. After the ferry trip across the harbour we arrived at Manly Wharf before walking down The Corso towards Manly Beach.

Swelteringly hot, Manly was just a good as mum said it would be. Loads of surf shops, cute cafes and even a market where will all got some henna done at lunch time. It’s pretty much what you’d find at a typical Aussie sailing and surfing community. As soon as we got there we headed straight for the beach, and as it was already completely packed we jostled for a spot by the swimming area. If there’s one job I will never do, it’s be a lifeguard at this beach. Every 30 seconds they were having to blow the whistle and yell at someone to swim back into the safe zone and away from the massive signs reading DANGEROUS CURRENTS. You’d think that people would take note of something that could cause them to we swept out in a rip tide to their deaths, but clearly not. Regardless of the near-constant whistling we had a great morning sunbathing (I’ve got the burn to prove it), and then at lunchtime decide to visit The Steyne for lunch, somewhere that mum used to go when she lived here.

After lunch it was off to The Corso to try and find me a beach cover up – a very successful mission thanks to Rip Curl! – before heading back to the beach. I was so sunburnt by this point that I considered just sitting away from the beach, behind the boardwalk and on a patch of grass where the green grass would distract from my burn-related sins. Luckily my Rip Curl beach cover up, that also doubles as a dress – instilled a new lease of life and I braved it back into the scorching sands.

Throughout the afternoon we kept hearing reports of bluebottle jellyfish floating up to the beach and several people got stung. I obviously did not go in at all after this. I don’t care how warm the water is, I never, EVER, want to get stung by a jellyfish.

The rest of the afternoon was just relaxing and taking it all in – it was exactly how I’d imagined it to be. After heading back on the ferry we went back to the hostel with pockets full of sand, then got ready to go and explore Sydney Harbour at night time. We had aimed to get to see the sunset behind the bridge, but there were no colours in the sky tonight. We hung around a bit watching the city light up and looking across the water at Luna Park before realising that the jet lag had got the better of us.


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