Down Under ’18: The Missing Boots

I’ve made it to Kuala Lumpur! All my limbs are intact and I actually managed to sleep a bit on the plane. Congratulations to me.

The first part (all 13 hours of it) of the journey is now over and I’ve got about three hours to go until my next flight leaves at 23:40 tonight. That’s another whopper – it’s 8 hours. Kuala Lumpur doesn’t really look that far from Sydney on the map, but I guess over here literally everywhere is far from everywhere else. Kuala Lumpur airport is quite nice really, but it would be much nicer if I could treat myself to a Gucci belt or an Hermes bag. Eh, a girl can dream.

I haven’t arrived here without any hiccups at all however. In true Annie style, something had to go wrong. Today it was the saga of the missing boots. There I was, happily dozing away on the flight, all wrapped up in the blanket and actually in a somewhat comfortable position for once. I woke up expecting everything I had brought with me to be in the same place as I had left it – not the case. After shuffling my feet around on the floor I came to the sudden realisation that my walking boots had suddenly vanished. Into thin air. I asked the couple next to me if I’d kicked them under their seats – nope. I looked across the aisle – nada. I looked in the overhead bin to see if I’d put them there half asleep – no sign there either. After about 20 minutes of walking up and down the aisle trying to think where on earth they could be, I called the flight attendant as my only thought was that someone had moved them. About 3 hours later, and 20 minutes before we landed, she came over and couldn’t understand a word I was saying. Back to square one. Then my knight in shining armour who was sat in the row behind me pointed something out under an empty seat four rows back that appeared to be shoes. They were! I found my boots! God knows what they were doing right at the back of the plane. We are very much united and they are now back on my feet. Drama over.

I’ve still got at least an hour and a half until they announce my gate – which I have to take an aero train to. I have no idea what that means but I will report back on my findings. For now, I’m going to snoop around Chanel and pretend I can buy things.

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